The Eight

“The warriors are doing what they can!” Azius calls out, trying to be heard over the clang of metal against metal. “We must begin!” “Are the protections down?” Ixor calls […]

“Azius.” “Not now, Silme. I’m looking.” “Yes, now.” “Silme. Surely it can wait.” “No. The warriors feel it’s best to move now.” “What.” Azius’s eyes fly open. He looks up […]

Azius breaks the circle, murmuring to himself. The mages exit, fanning out. Menethi stands within the broken circle, counting the intruders to their camp. Seven. Strange, why not – ah. […]

“We have finished setting up camp, Menethi. You should come join us,” Xylar says softly. She crouches next to the older mage, resting a hand on his shoulder. The breeze […]

“The warriors have arrived. They are over the next hill, advancing for an approach from two sides,” Silme interrupts the council discussion. She shoves a hand through her hair, her […]

“Azius has something. Come quickly.” Xylar’s comment causes a flurry of movement from the resting mages. All six shove books back into bags as they get to their feet. They […]

“It is time.” “Yes, thank you, Tari.” The older, yet shorter, man closes the book in front of him. He exhales, then stands. “Are all ready?” “Yes, Archmage Menethi.” Tari […]