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D'Scribe Moondust is the resident persona for me here. Under
this name, I run the Inkwell - a realm at
The Site Fights. This realm is in charge of holding guestbook
parties twice weekly to bring up spirit and just to have a
little bit of fun with the fighters. Fighters and other
members of the Site Fights can request parties be held for
friends or winners of awards. It's our way of bringing
something a little bit different to those fighting in the
rings. Each team has their own set of quills - what we call
those who help us party at the Inkwell. Each set of quills
has a scribe that directs the parties.

I did not start as head of the realm. I began as the scribe
for D'Unicorns, who changed to Serenity before they left the
Site Fights. After that, I was asked to become assistant to
the head scribe at the time - D'Scribe Skye. I agreed and
became the scribe for D'Nibs. They are similar to the
wandering fairies in that they go to those team in need of a
few extra quills. When Skye had to step down, she asked me to
take over and I agreed. The quills and scribes are a loving
and fun bunch. How could I say no?

Thanks Opal.  (;

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