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The varying faces of the Faery D'Winterlight. This is my fairy persona. She flies for D'Anime Isle But that was not her original team.
No, I have flown with a few others in my on and off tenure as a fairy.
I started with the Phoenix Warlords under the ever lovely Lady Jewell.
When the Warlords left, I was switched to the Knights of the Realm
under Lady Jane. I found it necessary to have a break at that point.
When I returned to being a fairy, I returned to fly with D'Afternoon
Matinee - which has since become D'Site Fights Theater. I took another
break and then returned to fly with the Isle - under Lady Sweet Dreams
to start and now under Lady Midnight. I've been informed that had I
been in continuous service, I might have gotten a surprise, but
such is the way of things.

In addition to my fairy duties, there are a few things that speak of my touch. I love the Fairy Realm, so it was my pleasure to create some lovely things for them. Won't you drop by and have a look?
Into the Rainbow
Chocolate Fae

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